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Parthenese beef

Parthenaise beef fillet roasted then smoked with pine needles and poached oyster like marrow.

Preparation time : 35 mins.
Cooking time : 15 to 20 min.



Ingredients :

  • 700g. parthenaise beef tenderloin

  • 4 oysters from Marennes Oléron, category A+

  • 400g. new potatoes from Île de Ré

  • 300g. butter

  • Olive oil

  • 1 clove of garlic

  • A few long turnip shoots

Realization  :

Cut 4 fairly thick slices of beef tenderloin, then roast them in olive oil and butter. Prefer rare cooking.
Arrange the meat on one side in a casserole, add the pine needles on the opposite side and set it on fire. Cover for 6 to 7 min.

Meanwhile, cut the grenaille potatoes into slices and fry them in olive oil. Add the thyme, bay leaf, garlic clove, salt and pepper.

Poach the oysters in their juices, then drain them. Reduce the juice and whisk in the butter, add the oysters.


Take out the 4 slices of beef, arrange them on plates.

In each plate place an oyster in the center and pour a little reduced juice and whipped with butter.

To finish, garnish with a few slices of baby potatoes.


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