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BK création.jpg
L'huître.0 sublimated in panacotta by the chef of the BK34 restaurant Annett Teich
L'huitre.0 en tartar.png
Tartar of l'huître.0 made by:
Auberge de la Charme
L'huître.0  hysope.png
L'huître.0 made by chef Nicolas Durif from the Hysope restaurant
Snacked oysters, celery & walnuts and yellow wine juice by chef Alain Perillat of the hotel-restaurant Atmospheres
Numéro 3.png
Poached oyster, Swiss chard, cauliflower, porcini mushrooms and sunflower seeds by the Number 3 restaurant
La roussille.png
L'huître.0 breaded with Panko, lemon curd, cucumber tagliatelle, salicornia pesto and siphon gin rice with Gvine by the restaurant Laroussille
The minute of the Chefs
Interview with Chef Jemmy Brouet of Le Bouillon restaurant 
Interview with Chef Nicolas Durif of
L'hysope restaurant
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