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Our know-how:  

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Johan Leclerre, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, presents his innovative creation, which won the "coup de coeur de l'innovation" award in 2020:  l'huître.0.


These are oysters shelled by hand, sorted and stabilized in seawater. They are then delicately packaged in 450g trays. 




With this process, we guarantee to keep all the nutritional and visual qualities of the oyster, so that it keeps this flavor that we love so much. This product can then be used in different ways. Whether in sauce, tartar, soups or even tasting the oyster alone, our product 

will be able to completely sublimate your recipes and your dishes. 

Our product has many advantages to make your daily life easier: 

         - the time spent for the opening, 

         - accidentologie,

         - shell waste management

         - risk of loss

         - the risks of clutter

In addition, the purchase price of the Huitre.0 is identical to that of oysters in the shell, but the cost of transport is lower, since the product is in the end 10 times lighter. We need on average 1kg of oysters to obtain 100g of chairs. 

Notre savoir faire
Nos huîtres
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Our oysters

We only work with fine de claire oysters from Marennes d'Oléron. They have an IGP and two Label Rouge.

Since 1989 and obtaining the first Label Rouge for a seafood product (Fines de Claires Vertes), the oyster farmers of Marennes Oléron have chosen to fight for the quality of their products.
In 1999, a second red label was obtained for la Pousse en Claire; a unique product from the Marennes Oléron range.

Recognized in 2009, the registration by the European Union of the appellation “Oysters Marennes Oléron” in Protected Geographical Indication constitutes for the oyster farmers the culmination of 20 years of continuous efforts in favor of quality.

Refining in claires, a true specificity of the Marennes Oléron basin now recognized at European level, extends over more than 3,000 hectares between the Seudre and the Île d'Oléron.
The oyster benefits in this unique territory in the world from a know-how transmitted from generation to generation which gives it its famous refined taste.

Marennes Oléron oysters are:

        - Raised on the French Atlantic coast,

        - Put in claires in the basin of Marennes Oléron,

        - Packed by farms in the Marennes Oléron basin,

        - Certified by an independent certification body,

        - Controlled by the Quality Department and a Certification Body

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