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L'huître.0 is a company that continually seeks to adapt to the environmental challenges we face daily. 
This is why we have developed many actions which are now part of our policy and which have become essential points for our development.


Our product fits perfectly into a sustainable development logic for several reasons:

- It promotes a circular economy: once our oysters are opened, we transfer the shells to our partner Ovive, who will use them and give them a second life. The wooden crates are also given back to our oyster farmer to be reused. Finally, our plastic trays are 100% recyclable.

- Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions: because the oysters are completely shucked, the weight is reduced during transport to our customer.

- Guarantee the quality of the product: we choose to work with a local producer so that we know the product we are buying. There is a total respect of the product during all the distribution circuit. No chemical product is imposed on the oyster, everything is done in a home-made way.

- Fight against food waste: the fresh oysters have a 9-day shelf life, which leaves you one week to use the product once you have received it. For winterized oysters, they offer an 18-month shelf life, which gives you plenty of time to create new recipes and to sublimate this product in your current dishes.

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