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Glazed oysters with long turnip

Preparation time : 45min



Ingredients :

  • 48 oysters, category A+

  • Toasted sesame

  • hazelnut oil

  • 200g. soy

  • 200g. long turnip or daikon (for garnish)

  • 100g. long turnip or daikon (for garnish)

  • 5 limes

Achievement :

Mix the 200 g. turnip with ice cubes, squeeze and drain. Add a drizzle of soy, hazelnut oil and then the lemon juice.


Arrange this purée at the bottom of the oyster shells. Lay out the clean oyster, add the soya and the lemon.

Arrange a glazed julienne of turnip on top, then garnish with grilled sesame, chives and hazelnut oil.



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