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Hibernated oysters

These are oysters shelled by hand, sorted and stabilized in seawater. They offer an 18-month shelf life from La Rochelle.
They are packaged in 450g trays, hibernated in our workshop between -35° and -40°. This saves time, and your oysters are available at any time depending on your activity. 
Thereafter, you only need to store them in a freezer. 
At this temperature, we guarantee to keep all the nutritional and visual qualities of the oyster and also the quality of the product after reheating. These are oysters of caliber between 0 and 2. They have an IGP, they are 100% traceable. 
Production takes place every Tuesday morning. We receive the same morning the fresh oysters from our  oyster farmers. As soon as the oysters arrive at the port of La Rochelle, production begins and ends at the end of the morning. Then, at the beginning of the afternoon, our delivery man comes to collect the oysters. They are delivered directly to the customer between 24 and 48 hours. 
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